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True Welcomes Bryan Mason as Vice President and Head of Network

By Jon Callaghan and Phil Black, March 4, 2021

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In October, we shared the news of our two new funds and significant increase in resources for the True Founder platform. This included welcoming entrepreneur and operational leader Bryan Mason to our team as a part-time special advisor. Today we are thrilled to announce that Bryan has joined True full-time as vice president and head of network.

For the entrepreneurs we support, the True Founder Platform is such a valuable element of working with us. Bryan knows this firsthand from when he co-founded True portfolio company Typekit with Jeff Veen. This gave him a deep understanding of what founders need in those times when they feel alone and under pressure to perform. 

Since Bryan joined us last summer, he’s played a crucial part in producing and developing the strategy around our first online Founder Camp and numerous other events, all of which had to move to a digital environment in record time. Bryan took to his part-time role so brilliantly that we wanted as much time from him as he could give us.

Fortunately for our team, he really enjoyed working with us and has joined us at an even greater capacity. As VP and head of network, he’ll work to deepen the connection between True Founders, so they can gain the most benefit and really access “the answers in the room,” which is how we describe the intel within our community. 

Bryan will serve True Founders with experiences and resources that help them to create long-lasting, value-driving companies. Think of him as a business partner to creative people and ideas. Additionally, his role will include developing new services and support for later-stage True portfolio companies that have received capital from True’s Select Funds. 

Today we hosted our first seasonal Founder Camp for 2021, drawing 120+ entrepreneurs from the True Portfolio in attendance. We’re thankful for all the contributions Bryan has made to these events so far and we can’t wait to see him knit into our community even tighter. 

Learn more about what Bryan brings to True. Spoiler alert: He drove the launch of Adobe’s Creative Cloud business, launched and scaled VSCO’s subscription business to upward of $50 million, and was an Obama and Clinton White House staffer. We’re simply honored to have him join us at a greater capacity.