Building a company takes more than money. It takes creativity, collaboration, and heart.

That’s why we invest heavily in resources and educational events to help True Founders and their teams reach their full potential.

Our community gathers frequently online and off to share learnings, inspire new ideas, and tap into the collective mindshare of the True network.

True University Lecture
Rohit Sharma, Partner at True Ventures
True University 2018 Speaker Heidi Bullock
True University 2018 Speaker Kai D. Wright


Our events and content library feature educational sessions on topics relevant to you and your team as you build your business. Learn the importance of psychological safety in the workplace, how to simplify sales predictability, keys to cultivating emotional loyalty, and more.
2022 True Ventures Fellows


We all remember who helped us get a foot in the door. Now, it’s our turn to hold it open. Our fellowship provides college juniors and seniors with pathways to employment at companies in the True portfolio.