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Mesmer’s RPA for Development Automates Customer Experience Testing

By Puneet Agarwal, July 10, 2019

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Companies in nearly every industry are becoming software companies with development productivity as a top-three issue for any CEO looking to innovate. While there have been tremendous strides with the advent of new technologies in DevOps and automation, quality assurance (or QA testing) has been an unmovable bottleneck for decades. 

For example, look at your average mobile app. It can take up to 120 hours of testing time to ensure quality, without taking into account all the changes that occur with agile programming. What if this time could be reduced to hours or even minutes by completely reimagining the approach? Imagine the significant increase in developer productivity.

We are excited to announce, in conjunction with Intel Capital, our investment in Mesmer, a leader in Robotic Process Automation for Development (RPAD). Mesmer’s AI-powered bots use computer vision and Deep Learning Automation (DLA™) to automate customer experience testing for mobile developers. This helps companies accelerate their testing and compress a process that can take days into hours. 

Similar to how an autonomous car can see obstacles when it’s driving and navigate in response to and around them, Mesmer can “drive” through a mobile app and test for every possible scenario a user might encounter. It’s pretty unbelievable. 

Mesmer is co-founded by Ahmed Datoo and Waheed Qureshi, an accomplished team with a unique skill set and the technological know-how to make this work. Previously, they spent eight years together developing a mobile device security platform at Zenprise, where Waheed was CTO and founder and Ahmed ran marketing and product. There, they helped pioneer a new category around mobile device management while successfully navigating the company to an acquisition by Citrix. 

Waheed and Ahmed of Mesmer

Waheed Qureshi and Ahmed Datoo co-founded mobile software testing solution Mesmer.

We connected with Ahmed and Waheed back in 2017 through Tariq Hilaly, co-founder and CEO of True portfolio company Lumity. We always value when the founders we support refer us to other phenomenal entrepreneurs in their networks. Mesmer’s early demos and prototypes blew us away then, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue onto the next phase of this journey.

Watch Mesmer’s demo video or read more in VentureBeat.