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Boston’s Hi Marley Brings Conversational Intelligence to the Insurance Industry

By Puneet Agarwal, June 12, 2019

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Think of the last time you had to use your auto or homeowner’s insurance. Maybe you had a fender bender on your commute to work. You likely did what we all do: scribbled down information from the other driver, snapped photos, and called or emailed your insurance agent. Maybe you played phone tag to check on the status of your claim and waited several weeks or more to receive your check.

This back and forth with the carrier is fairly typical, expected even. The communication challenges are compounded even further when you add independent agents and the myriad of service providers into the mix. This doesn’t even take into account the flow of money throughout the process. It’s the unfortunate reality of the insurance industry, which provides the security to keep the economy – and our lives – going, but also has one of the highest customer churn rates of any industry in the world.

The Hi Marley team, including co-founders Mike Greene, John Miller, and Mitesh Suchak, has designed a simple yet powerful solution that streamlines communication between insurers, customers, agents, and service providers. Using Hi Marley, customers can report claims, submit photos of damage, follow the status of their claim via text, and get common questions like “What’s my deductible?” answered quickly.

In our diligence on the company, we were amazed at the rapid adoption of the platform in what is notoriously one of the hardest verticals to serve well. We also saw the company as riding what we believe to be a rising new movement around conversational commerce in one of the largest vertical markets and ecosystems you can imagine.

The video below does a great job of explaining how the claims process, in particular, works with Hi Marley:

Mike, John, Mitesh and their team have deep domain expertise, which allows them to deliver the needs of the entire insurance ecosystem in a new and modern way. The trio founded their first company, Futurity Group, which was also insurance-focused and was later acquired by Aon. Each of the co-founders has at least 15 years of experience in insurance.

Hi Marley Co-Founders

Hi Marley co-founders Mitesh Suchak, Mike Greene, and John Miller.  

We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with them on their mission to profoundly change the customer experience and the entire insurance ecosystem for the better.

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