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Guided Journaling for Wellbeing: NYC’s Jour Leads the Way

By Kevin Rose, May 22, 2019

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I’m a big believer in tools that enable daily mindfulness and self-reflection. However, if writing isn’t your thing, journaling can be difficult. This leads many people to give up when they can’t put pen to paper. Enter, Jour.

Jour is a guided journaling app that uses the power of expressive writing to promote mindfulness and wellbeing. Jour isn’t just a blank canvas, but an interactive experience that prompts the user to participate in exercises of self-reflection they might not otherwise explore in their psyche.

The app encourages them to pause, become more present, and actively reflect. For example, the “Let Go List” asks the user to reflect on difficult experiences that are holding them back and inquires what they can do to either forgive themselves or accept circumstances. The “Future Me” exercises have the user map out what they’d like to accomplish in the next 10 years.

We recently invested in the company and its NYC-based Co-founders Maxime Germain, Bobby Giangeruso, and Justin Bureau who form an incredible, design-minded team. I’m thrilled they are joining the True family.

Journaling App Jour's NYC Team

Jour’s NYC team is hiring. Email Maxime[at]withjour[dot]com for more info.

Prior to Jour, Maxime co-founded two art startups and a design studio. Bobby is an exceptional designer with experience on both the agency side and with large technology companies. Justin is the developer leading the product to success. Together, they have an excellent combination of experience that gives them what’s needed for this app to take off.

Since the company’s official launch, more than 80,000 people have organically found and downloaded the app. As investors, we’re excited by the Jour community’s growth and its future potential. As people, we’re thrilled to get behind a tool that can help others become their very best selves.

With this round of funding, team Jour will incorporate audio content and more Journeys into the user experience. We’re proud to partner with them as they share the benefits of journaling with a wider audience through this beautiful tool. Download it here or read more in TechCrunch