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Dave Balter Joins True’s Investment Team

By Jon Callaghan and Phil Black, March 4, 2021

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Across the True team, we share the belief that the creative founder is the most powerful force in today’s economy, and we think our job – as investors – is to find, support, and embolden these founders. 

We also value deep connection. Once we commit to a founder, we hope to work with them throughout the entirety of their creative career. Sometimes, we get extra lucky and these amazing founders join our team to make investments in other great founders, like current True Partners Ann Crady Weiss and Amy Errett. Having active founders on our team gives us a deeper understanding of the current challenges entrepreneurs face, so we can help them every step of the way. 

Today, we welcome Dave Balter as our newest venture partner here at True. We have known Dave for more than 10 years and have funded him multiple times, most recently as the founder and CEO of Flipside Crypto. Dave is an incredible entrepreneur, marketer, and software analytics expert with a deep understanding of how to operate and grow businesses that add value to their industries. 

Dave has served on multiple executive teams for global organizations and previously invested in startups as a venture partner for Boston Seed. He’s also an angel investor in companies spanning data science, edtech, software, and more, in addition to advising companies on mergers and acquisitions. 

We’ve partnered with Dave again and again as he’s created “something from nothing” and transformed inkling ideas into data-driven companies. We’re thrilled for him to join our investment team and contribute to True’s next era. Founders, this is a great person with strong experience to have in your corner. Welcome, Dave!