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2020 at True: Our Year in Review

By Jon Callaghan and Phil Black, December 28, 2020

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Most years, this moment is an opportunity to congratulate True Founders and teams for all they’ve accomplished in turning some of the world’s most creative and wildly impactful ideas into businesses. 

This year, however, was tragic for many. The wellbeing, health, and spirits of the more than 13,300 team members of True portfolio companies were put to the test. Yet this resilient community persevered — in the face of a pandemic, through the debilitating effects of racial injustice, amid wildfires, and in anticipation of the most polarizing U.S. election the world has seen. 

When we finished raising our latest set of funds (almost entirely via Zoom), we knew the best use of this capital aside from funding a new era of True companies would be to inject it into even more platform resources and services. It’s the best way we can give founders and their teams what they need to not just succeed but weather difficult times. 

Our team of more than 35 here at the firm also grew tighter as we worked alongside the True portfolio and navigated entirely remote work lives. Much of it was trial and error, and so much of it was a testament to what’s possible when we all assume the best in one another and give each other the benefit of the doubt. 

This year’s infographic only scratches the surface of our 2020 experience, so let us say this loud and clear here. True Founders, friends of the firm, limited partners, and fellow investors: we’re proud to have weathered such a seemingly insurmountable year together. Next year is still full of unknowns but if how we managed 2020’s challenges tells us anything, we believe we will yet again thrive if we stick together. 

True Ventures 2020 Year in Review