A Company Culture Primer for Early Stage Startups [True U Videos]


In this roundup of True University video sessions, we’re highlighting presentations from a company culture expert, a leadership coach, and an empathy consultant to teach the startup world how empathy and emotional intelligence set the stage for organizational health.

Watch the videos below or browse the True U video library for educational sessions geared toward early-stage startup Founders and their teams.

Presenter: Charisse Fontes, Consultant at The Culture Circle

Session Description: What do cultural anthropology and startup culture have to do with the success of a startup? This True U session shines a different light on humanity in the workplace, how to build a culture that thrives and how to onboard employees in a way that truly makes them feel included and empowered from the get-go.

Presenter: Hylke Faber, Leadership Facilitator & Coach at Constancee

Session Description: How do you build a great culture within your organization that brings out who people truly are? Based on insights from neuroscience, systems theory, coaching and organizational psychology, this True U session will teach you how to expand your own leadership capacity and build an authentic culture that facilitates achievement, fulfillment and connection.

Presenter: Sharon Steed, Empathy Consultant at Communilogue

Session Description: A team’s success is dependent on one thing: its members. That’s why strong teams should be three things: collaborative, inclusive and built on empathy. Few people, however, understand what that empathy looks like in practice. Learn how empathic behavior plays into collaboration and inclusivity in this compelling keynote presentation.

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