True Ventures Statement of Inclusivity

Our goal is to empower the world’s most talented entrepreneurs. Our experiences and research show that the diversity, quality and cohesiveness of a team are critical to the success of a company.

We believe bias is natural, but can be addressed with close examination, discussion and action.

True is deeply committed to increasing diversity in the startup and venture capital ecosystem. While we are having important conversations about how to accelerate change, we believe that real change requires a commitment to steadfast action.

We commit to seeing differences as strengths, not obstacles.

We commit to hiring people across our portfolio based on their ability to contribute, not their gender, race, sexual orientation and/or background.

We commit to widening our talent and funding pools to those beyond our immediate circles, so we can foster an environment that’s as culturally inclusive as it is rich with groundbreaking ideas.

We commit to building diverse boards of directors and advisory boards that are representative of our portfolio companies’ customers.

We commit to tracking and examining data that helps us understand how our behavior matches our values.

We aspire to invest in people and teams that share, embody and promote these values.