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True Ventures Fellowship Now Accepting Applications

By Julie Walker, September 5, 2023

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How do you seek out alternate points of view to incorporate into your work? Some of us informally pitch ideas to peers to get their take, others conduct user research, and we all read articles covering our industries. Another incredible source of research for us is looking to True Fellows to learn about what technology excites them as they lay the groundwork for their careers. 

Last month, we challenged our 2023 summer class of True Ventures Fellows to shift our perspectives and widen the expanse of what we think to be possible with the help of AI. To close out their summer of working with True Portfolio companies, we asked each of them to research an area of AI that either is already changing the ways we live and work or that has vast potential to do so. 

This assignment unearthed new frameworks that challenge us in terms of how we’re thinking about an AI-layered future. And it taught us, as this fellowship does again and again, the value of the perspectives of those just beginning their careers who still deeply possess the rich texture of curiosity instilled at many universities. 

Their research projects ranged from how data analysis is advancing with the help of AI, to AI’s role in the evolution of the music industry, to generative AI trends across design and APIs. One student even created a website and course dedicated to teaching team members about AI trends. Everything on the website was made with AI: the text, images, learning materials, news articles, and user experience.

While our assignment to the fellows offered an incredible opportunity for shared learning, their summers of startup work for the True Portfolio were just as substantial. One fellow worked on user research analysis for a well-known consumer brand that helps people sleep better. Another worked on a project that takes enzyme metadata and utilizes clustering algorithms to characterize surface features of enzymes in an effort to inspire new avenues of research and development for a stealth materials company focused on biodegradable alternatives. 

What I’m getting at is that these fellows impressed us with not only their skill and ability to offer us a new lens and shift in perspective but also a level of curiosity we know will take them far in their future careers in technology and VC. 

We express deep gratitude for our 2023 True Fellows and all of the True companies and founders who gave them opportunities to start their careers this summer. And we also would like to announce that our application period for the 2024 True Ventures Fellowship is now open and accepting submissions for summer of 2024 through October 18th, 2023. Apply here, or read our fellowship FAQs

As for a shift in perspective, I’m personally so thankful for these exceptional students. Our portfolio of founders tell us year after year the value they bring to their organizations and we get it; their hunger is palpable.

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