The New Wave in Data Encryption


Unfortunately, data breaches have become commonplace. For this reason, the market has been flooded with a wave of security solutions. Yet one of the most critical, unsolved problems that remains has to do with high performance, end-to-end, easy-to-use encryption of all data. Baffle is tackling this problem head on, and we are thrilled to announce our investment in the company today.

Specifically, Baffle encrypts data while it’s in use and wherever it’s stored, making it the first end-to-end AES encryption solution for protecting enterprise data from production through processing. In the event of a breach, stolen data will remain encrypted, making it useless to hackers.

We are happy to officially welcome Baffle co-founders Ameesh Divatia and Priyadarshan “P.D.” Kolte to the True founder community. We first caught wind of Baffle from Muddu Sudhakar, long-time friend of True and founder of former True portfolio companies Cetas and Caspida. Muddu has an incredible nose for finding promising opportunities in technology, and will serve as a board member for the Baffle team.

Baffle Team

Ameesh, CEO of Baffle, has a proven track record of turning technologies that are difficult to build into successful businesses, selling three companies for more than $425 million combined.

P.D., CTO of Baffle, is an expert in software development for network processors, algorithms, compilers and software tools. Previously, he held the role of Principal Scientist at Texas Multicore Technologies where he developed a compiler and runtime for the SequenceL parallel language.

Historically, True has had success with investing in security technologies including Duo Security, and Caspida. All of these companies have been natively built for a cloud-centric world, combining deep technology with ease of use. Baffle is following a very similar approach.

Welcome to True, Ameesh, P.D. and the Baffle team!