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Meet True’s 2022 Spoke Program Cohort

By Phil Black, February 28, 2022

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Last February, we introduced Spoke: The True Ventures Scout Program and our debut cohort of participants including Upsie’s Clarence Bethea and former bLife Co-founder Paul Campbell. 

We designed Spoke to empower individuals from across the True community to source and evaluate venture capital investments with the goal of investing in founders of backgrounds that historically have been overlooked in our industry. In tandem, we mentor startup founders and leaders who are curious to learn “the other side” of early stage venture to do just that by sharing what we know.  

For the second year of the program, Clarence and Paul are joined by a few new faces from our community whom we’re very excited to get to work with more closely: Darshan Shankar, Adizah Tejani, Mayank Mehta, and Andrea Thomaz

Welcome, all! We’re excited to see what we’ll all do together and to see you flex your investing muscles. Not only will we be able to fund more of the world’s underrepresented founders, but you’ll become even stronger entrepreneurs and leaders with a deeper understanding of how this sport works.

2022 Spoke Program Investors