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Strength through support

Gastronomical Founder Jon Gray shares how investors can best uplift founders as they tackle the pressure of building companies and teams.

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Madison Reed

For me, it’s personal

Madison Reed Founder and True Partner Amy Errett discusses the importance of deeply engaged relationships and mentorship.

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True Ventures Team

Relationships Come First

At True, relationships are our most precious resource. We support founders for the entirety of their creative lives, often investing in their companies multiple times.
Ally Love of Peloton

Movements With Meaning

What makes a product a movement? How do some companies become a meaningful part of their customers' lives? Learn how Peloton's retail showroom strategy fosters connection among local communities.
Igino of Bear Flag Robotics
Tim Prendergast, Co-founder of True Portfolio company Evident
Ethan Diamond, Co-founder of True Portfolio Company Bandcamp
Vivian Chu

Our Strength Is Our Community

We believe creativity is only possible when founders feel safe and supported. True connects them with hundreds of founder peers so they can tap into our collective mindshare.