Welcoming Operable.io


Last week, Mark Imbriaco slyly announced our funding of his new company, Operable.io, via a very kind tweet:

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.55.06 AM

Mark got it right; we do care about our Founders and their ability to solve the biggest problems facing technology and the world, regardless of geography. (Operable is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, with an incredibly talented distributed team working all over the country.)

The problem Mark and his Co-Founder, Kevin Smith, are solving with Operable is a real pain point for anyone in devops: development processes have accelerated and apps are being produced at a faster rate than ever before, but production operational practices haven’t kept up. It’s hard to even know what apps are running, much less the dependencies between them and what happens when they break. Incident response is a chore rather than an important input for system quality. And finally, firefighting and pager fatigue make it impossible to make progress on projects.

Operable is tackling this problem of incident management, helping companies get notified and collaborate to resolve production problems. Operable remembers everything you did, helping you get a head start when similar problems arise in the future, and helps you track the problems you’re seeing so you know where to focus your energy to improve your infrastructure. It’s a next-generation incident response system that manages the entire process to a degree we have not seen yet.

Mark is the domain expert in incident management, having run ops at Digital Ocean, and before that at Heroku, LivingSocial and GitHub. Kevin also previously worked with Heroku, as well as Basho Technologies, Chef and Planet Labs. This team has lived and breathed the problems they are solving with Operable, and they have the strength and vision to build a company around their area of expertise.

Mark and Kevin also came highly recommended by many current True Founders (thank you Luke, Matt, John, Tony, Tim, Mitchell and Derek!), some of whom are our co-investors in this round. We love nothing more than working within the True community, and we feel incredibly fortunate to be partnering with this team.

Mark, Kevin and the entire Operable team: Welcome to True!