Welcoming Gyroscope


As the self becomes more quantifiable and our activities more shareable, the need emerges for a single, beautiful platform for tracking and displaying all the data we collect throughout our lives. Enter Gyroscope, a personal website automatically powered by the different services that track your personal data. Gyroscope integrates with services like Fitbit, Strava, Foursquare, Instagram and RescueTime to build your personal identity through presenting a data-driven story of your everyday life.

We love Gyroscope’s beautiful UI and are having a blast seeing our data build a picture of our lives over days, weeks and months.


Gyroscope started as a personal project for Founder Anand Sharma, who wanted a way to track everything about his life and share it online (for the record, Anand’s heart typically beats 71 times per minute, and in the past 325 days, he pushed 2,953 commits, went on 61 runs & ate 42 burritos). As interest in the platform grew, Anand partnered with Eric Florenzano, who previously co-founded Clutch.io, the first native mobile A/B testing company (acquired by Twitter). Together, Anand and Eric have built a compelling product that is both beautiful and fun to use, and we’re incredibly excited to partner with this fast-growing company.

Anand and Eric, welcome to True!

Read more about the Gyroscope story here.