Making Database Access Easier


Database management can be a big pain point for CTOs. New employees join the team and request access to sensitive information, and that data is shared quickly to get new folks on board. But discrepancies can occur when those team members leave and there isn’t a clear record of who had access to what, including whether or not they still do. That’s why we’re excited about funding strongDM, our newest portfolio company.

To decrease the likelihood of data leaks when sharing databases with more and more employees, strongDM provides convenient access controls through a single interface. The platform is insanely easy to use and, from what I’ve seen, people actually enjoy using it. This video explains how it works best. 

Co-founders Schuyler Brown, Elizabeth Zalman and Justin McCarthy have worked together successfully for a long time. Elizabeth, strongDM CEO, previously co-founded Media Armor, which powered cross-device consumer profiles in the adtech industry. When Media Armor was acquired by in-store analytics company Nomi, she became vice president of insights.

Schuyler, strongDM CMO, was Nomi’s first marketing hire, and developed Nomi’s brand strategy, product positioning and lead generation pipeline. Justin, CTO, has nearly 20 years of experience managing engineering teams at Preact, Rafter and CafePress.

strongDM Founders

We love working with those who take the leap from previous companies and decide to build something together. And this trio certainly has the deep data expertise to turn strongDM into a success.

Welcome to the True community and congratulations on the funding, team strongDM! We can’t wait to see all the CTOs you please with simplified database management.