Newly Funded Pioneers WebRTC Analytics


True Ventures’ latest portfolio company,, announced its Series A funding today. I’m thrilled to welcome Co-founders Varun Singh, Marcin Nagy and Shaohong Li to True as they work to enable frictionless web real-time communications (WebRTC).’s sophisticated monitoring and diagnostics platform helps to improve the quality of audio and video calls in web applications, enabling optimization and, in a nutshell, less thumb twiddling during spotty web communications (a scenario we’ve all experienced). Providers can easily identify users experiencing poor media quality and diagnose networking issues. Logo UI

I’ve been tracking the evolution of web communications for some time now and it’s clear that we will, at some point soon, reach a tipping point in distributed communication architectures. WebRTC will become more vital to how we work and live as our usage of the internet becomes even more ubiquitous.

Interactive video is one of the obvious progressions in web communications. Anticipate more video in all sorts of applications and situations; There isn’t a technology that’s better suited to enable this than WebRTC, which overcomes the models of the past and takes interactivity to the next level. It will become the basis of new waves in data dissemination.

Varun and his team are very well respected in the WebRTC community, both for their technical capabilities and farsightedness. In our first meeting together, Varun articulated the long-term vision of not just, but WebRTC as a whole. Co-founders

With the help of Marcin, Shaohong and their dedicated team, I am confident that will set a new standard in quality of WebRTC.

 Welcome to the True family, and good luck,!