Christiaan Vorkink

Christiaan joined True in 2008 and today manages the True network, including all services, resources and events that support and connect companies in the True portfolio. His first foray into entrepreneurship came in elementary school when he and his best friend managed a newspaper delivery service in the small town in New Hampshire where they grew up. After college, he taught 8th, 10th and 11th grade history for two years in suburban New York before moving to Boston where he provided strategic and marketing support to local startups and venture capital firms. Prior to joining True, Christiaan was a senior analyst in the venture research group at Cambridge Associates and worked in network development at BrightRoll, one of True's first portfolio companies.

Outside the office, Christiaan is a proud husband and father, an enthusiastic creator and consumer of plant-based food, and an avid supporter of three of four of Boston's major pro sports teams. He is a graduate of Yale and MIT. Christiaan also serves on the Board of Trustees of YMCA Camp Belknap, a summer camp for boys that he attended and worked at for a dozen years as a child and young adult. Robert Fulghum says he learned all he really needed to know in kindergarten; Christiaan says the same about Belknap.