and the Future of the Cloud


Serverless and microservices architecture is a growing trend in the development world that has the potential to create a massive shift within the cloud. We believe it’s the next big thing in infrastructure, which is why we’re investing in a Founder who is both passionate about creating and brings a unique domain expertise to the space.  

We have looked at numerous opportunities, but Idit Levine is the Founder who ultimately captured our attention. She is an incredibly talented technologist with a clear vision of where this shift is going. More importantly, we believe she will learn and adjust along the way in a very dynamic marketplace. Universally, feedback about Idit has been amazing, which means a lot to us coming from our trusted network of Founders and leaders in this space.

Most recently, Idit was CTO for the cloud management division of Dell EMC, where she developed UniK, a popular open source project for compiling applications into unikernels and deploying them across cloud providers and embedded devices.

She is the leader of and a contributor to various open source projects and frequently speaks at events for the open source community. She is also on the technical advisory board of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

Our history of investing in open source experts like Idit dates back to True’s beginnings. In 2014, we shared an infographic of the 22 open source companies we’ve funded, including npm, WordPress and Puppet, to name a few. Our investment in these companies follows our vision of empowering missionaries, the type of people you want to be in business with, as is the case with Idit.

While her company is still in stealth mode, Idit is already making progress in streamlining the tech stack and bringing innovative cloud technologies to the enterprise. We are so excited to be in business with her and look forward to seeing her lead the way in this field. is currently looking to grow its engineering team. Learn more here.