Printing the Future with Seurat Technologies


Today, we’re proud to welcome Seurat Technologies Co-Founders Erik Toomre and James DeMuth to the True Ventures community as they announce their $13.5 million Series A funding.

Erik and James combine breakthroughs in optics with high power laser technology to create what could completely change the metal additive manufacturing market by bringing unprecedented speed and resolution to industrial metal printing.

We first met Erik and James in the summer of 2016, the year after the company was founded, and led their seed financing round at $3.4 million. Since then, Seurat has made rapid progress and attracted world leaders with deep expertise across automotive and complex industrial systems as investors and partners. To date, these include GM Ventures, Porsche SE, next47 on behalf of Siemens Power and Gas, and Maniv Mobility. Together, such partnerships will enable the Seurat team to achieve their goal of moving 3D printing from prototypes to scaled production.

James has a masters in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and is passionate about revolutionizing the way things are made. He co-invented Seurat’s core technology while working with some of the highest powered lasers in the world at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Since the technology’s inception, the Seurat team has built upon that foundation and applied for more than 20 patents.

Erik is a commercialization specialist who worked for Tesla in the early days as well as several other startups and large technology companies. He brings deep experience in entrepreneurial ventures that require complex system-level innovation and manufacturing.

Seurat Technologies Co-Founders Erik Toomre and James DeMuth are pioneering industrial-grade, 3D printing technology.

The company will use this Series A funding to test its technology in a few select industries, including automotive, energy and aerospace. If you’re interested in joining the rapidly expanding Seurat team, please connect with them here.