Current Investments

Cloud robotics software for machine tending powered by artificial intelligence.

Brava is an IoT and domestic automation company that integrates technology and design to enable joyful experiences in the home — starting with the kitchen. is a SaaS product that measures and manages the performance of real-time audio and video communication.

Baffle’s encryption-as-a-service solution makes data breaches irrelevant by protecting data at rest and in process.

strongDM helps prevent data leaks with one platform to define, enforce and monitor access to every database.

Nexar is a real-time network connecting cars nearby. It leverages the iPhone's sensors to analyze and understand a car's surroundings.

Krypton is reimagining asset performance management software. Advanced analytics and machine learning transforms data to provide real-time operator intelligence and improve reliability of industrial equipment.

Atipica is a talent discovery engine that combines artificial and human intelligence to help companies realize the lifetime value of their recruiting data.

LiveStories is the data storytelling platform for the public sector. Governments use LiveStories to engage communities, promote data-driven decision-making, and improve collaboration.

Xplenty is a data integration cloud service.

Solvvy is applying machine learning and natural language science to reinvent the customer experience.

Deep Genomics is developing machine-learning technologies to transform precision medicine, genetic testing, diagnostics and the development of therapies.

Lucid is mental training for athletes.

The ICEYE radar sensor and microsatellite platform is capable of viewing through cloud cover, bad weather and darkness, providing unlimited access wherever it’s needed.

Howdy is a friendly, trainable bot that super-powers teams by automating common tasks.

Pioneer Square Labs is a startup studio that develops ideas and turns the best ones into products, leveraging access to partnerships with many of the world's best venture firms and angel investors.

Apps for the digital therapeutics space.

Expanding perception.

Everywear Games is the world's leading wearable games studio. Runeblade, their award-winning Apple Watch game, has been featured in over 1000 publications such as Wired, Bloomberg, Reuters and TechCrunch.

Chameleon is a platform for better user onboarding. Use the Chameleon wizard to build and manage product tours without writing code.

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