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Welcoming Sports Science Pioneer Orreco to True

By Phil Black, February 15, 2017

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As early investors in Fitbit and Peloton, we’ve been keeping an eye out for sports science opportunities that can do for professional athletes what these other fitness brands have done for fitness enthusiasts and healthful living.

Investing in Athos, creator of smart performance apparel, and Lucid, a mental training and mindfulness app for athletes, were steps in this direction. There’s nothing more exhilarating than imagining how technology can unlock the full potential of the human body, bringing to real life the seemingly super-human qualities we all fantasized about when watching our favorite sci-fi movies as kids.

It’s with this imaginative, opportune spirit that we announce our investment in sports science pioneer Orreco. The Irish company uses AI, machine learning, cognitive computing and bioanalytics to provide applied sports and data science solutions to professional athletes and teams. By finding the hidden signals in these datasets, Orreco helps athletes optimize performance, prevent illness and injury, accelerate recovery and ultimately prolong their careers.

Orreco is already an internationally recognized leader in sports and data science with notable clientele in the NBA, NHL, NFL, Olympic sport and more — an impressive feat given that Orreco Co-founder and CEO Dr. Brian Moore is pretty scrappy and has done a lot with little capital so far.

In order to scale operations and further develop its product suite, Orreco recently moved its headquarters to Los Angeles. Brian’s desire to make this move is proof that he’s ready to “go big” and do what it takes to take the company to the next level.

I imagine he and his team of veteran sports and data scientists will not be content until “Orreco” is a household name for professional and amateur athletes alike.

I’m thrilled to welcome Brian and the entire Orreco team to the True community!

A year from now when we’re all watching Super Bowl LII, I’ll be wondering how many players on the field are better, stronger performers because of Orreco’s technology.