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Welcoming Health Gorilla

By Jon Callaghan, August 20, 2014

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One of the most exciting aspects of being an investor today is witnessing firsthand the power and swiftness of a computing platform shift. Every day, we see mobile computing disrupt, dismantle or otherwise change some of the largest industries in our world. It is remarkable because of its subtlety and grassroots force. Each of us, individually, has decided to go about our everyday lives with a supercomputer in our pockets capable of completing transactions, ordering goods and services and communicating effortlessly. We see how seamlessly these functions have been assimilated in our everyday lives, but we likely underestimate the ways in which this technology will be adopted in more traditional industries—that “phone” we are carrying often has better storage, connectivity, UI and processing power than the monolithic IT departments that support us at work. The funny thing about disruption is that it sometimes happens with the small actions, not the big ones. In the mobile revolution, creative destruction might just occur in silence, one text at a time, rather than with a bang.

With this in mind, I am pleased to announce a new company in the True portfolio, Health Gorilla, who announced their funding with us today.

Co-founded by Steve Yaskin, Alex Minkin and Andrei Zudin, Health Gorilla is replacing the heavily structured and costly process of ordering medical diagnostic tests, radiology studies and medical consultations with an elegant mobile solution. Steve’s inspiration for Health Gorilla came from working with a good friend, a physician, who was very frustrated with the inefficient process of ordering diagnostic tests in her medical practice. Currently, each doctor uses separate and costly systems to request patient tests and view results, all using fax and paper forms. With 15 years of experience founding and managing enterprise software companies under his belt, Steve readily envisioned a brilliantly simple, iPhone-enabled solution to this time-consuming process: a nationwide marketplace that connects doctors to healthcare service providers, streamlining online ordering and providing real-time results to both doctors and patients.

With seven billion diagnostic tests being ordered in the U.S. alone every year, we see a huge opportunity for market disruption with Health Gorilla’s innovative product. We are incredibly happy to have them join the True portfolio.

Steve, Alex, Andrei and the entire Health Gorilla team, welcome to True!