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True North

By Tony Conrad, January 14, 2015

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We’re thrilled to announce True’s lead investment in North Technologies. North is the brainchild of Kevin Rose and Marc Hemeon, created to give this dynamic duo a platform to build great mobile products.

Just 10 weeks after launching North, Kevin and Marc have released two exciting apps: WatchVille, which gives watch enthusiasts a better way to discover products in the luxury market and Tiiny, a photo-sharing app that gives you small glimpses into your friends’ days. Both apps are beautifully crafted and we have been amazed by the North team’s speed to market.

Kevin and Marc’s rapid iteration model is clearly working, no doubt because of their proven expertise. Marc was previously a designer for YouTube and Google, and Kevin previously founded Digg (acquired by BetaWorks) and Milk, which True backed in 2011 and which was acquired by Google. We love working with repeat Founders, and we are especially honored to be working with Founders of Kevin and Marc’s caliber. It has been a true delight to watch this company develop substantive and creative apps in just a few months, and we can’t wait to see how these early apps evolve as well as what they come up with next.

Kevin, Marc and the entire North team, welcome (back) to True!