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True Infrastructure Summit 2014 Wrap Up

By Puneet Agarwal, October 6, 2014

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Last week, we hosted the 2nd Annual True Infrastructure Summit in San Francisco.

For context, each year we host an event with the goal of bringing together a curated group of senior infrastructure leaders to share best practices and knowledge, and to discuss the future of technology in a private, safe setting. This year’s group included 32 Founders of emerging infrastructure companies and 72 senior technical leaders from Fortune 2000 companies for a day of content focused on current problems in the infrastructure stack and potential solutions for the future.

As the rate of change of the technology, tools and systems that we use to run our businesses continues to accelerate, we believe that the ability to have an open and honest dialogue about current and future problems in the infrastructure stack becomes increasingly important, and the Infrastructure Summit provided an opportunity for individuals to freely share information in a safe space.

The sessions were developed based on feedback from participants, and the panels were led by individuals’ understanding of the related obstacles and experience in how they can be managed and resolved. This year’s event included panels with titles such as “Public, Private or Bare Metal,” “Lessons Learned in Security from a Year of Target, Heartbleed and More” and “Data Center Automation: Where are we now?”

More importantly, the content served to kickstart a dialogue amongst the group and enabled the building of long-term, professional relationships. Two of our core values at True are openness and collaboration, and we believe the event last week was a great example of the power of these ideas in action. Thank you to all who attended, presented and helped make it a success.