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Congrats to Maya’s Mom

By Toni Schneider, August 28, 2007

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Maya’s Mom, a startup Toni Schneider was introduced to by Caterina Fake and that True Ventures invested in, has gotten acquired by (who are owned by Johnson & Johnson). A big congrats to Ann Crady and the great team at Maya’s Mom! It was a pleasure working with them, even though it seems brief. They got started about a year and half ago, pulled together a great group of people and launched their parenting advice site late last year. What impressed us about Maya’s Mom was how well they seemed to mesh as a team with great skills and attitudes all around, and how they continually and rapidly adapted their product based on what their users told them and what they saw happening in the market. We look forward to following their growth and success story as their site and technology get opened up to a much larger audience. Congratulations!