We Stand Together


We founded True in 2005 because we believe the entrepreneurial Founder is the key to economic prosperity in the United States. Our Founders start movements, build products that capture the world’s imagination and have the power to improve society for those here in the U.S. and beyond.

Our diverse Founders have brought the world Fitbit, Goodreads, Blue Bottle Coffee, MakerBot, littleBits, Peloton, Ring, WordPress, and many, many other incredible innovations and inventions.

At the center of all we build at True are people — creative people from all countries, various religions, races and beliefs. We have learned time and time again how diverse teams and inclusive behavior plant the seeds for human opportunity and societal progress.

Similarly, we believe the fundamental foundation of the U.S. is based on the core values of religious, racial and intellectual freedoms, and openness of opportunity. These values have inspired and led the world since the signing of the U.S. Constitution in 1787. These same values have driven the development of many of our 7,500 portfolio employees, and even our 30 team members at True.

The executive order banning immigrants from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen is fundamentally inconsistent with our belief in fostering a world that is inclusive, welcoming and compassionate for our Founders, their teams and all of our families.

For our small team of 30, this is an incredibly personal topic. True is a team of many immigrants; Our community of Founders includes immigrants; Individuals in our community have family members who are immigrants. America, the land of opportunity, is a nation of immigrants.

Aside from the personal impact of this executive order on members of our community, the ban and other bans that are likely to follow adversely affect the strongest industry in the U.S. right now — the industry of technology and innovation.

Creative innovation is key to our society’s future. And creative Founders of all origins are needed to harness technology’s power to cure disease, provide global access to education, and improve the way goods and services move across the world.

We can only ensure the continuation of such forward growth and innovation if our nation remains open to differences.

Maintain the Melting Pot

We at True believe we are privileged to get to work with such a culturally diverse and talented group of people. We celebrate the contributions these individuals have made to the vibrancy of our country, and we will continue to stand tall with them as the ban is questioned and, hopefully, halted permanently.

Offering Support Services

Since this matter is far from settled, we will be providing support services to all True community members affected by this ban, which in our eyes, is everyone. These services will include consultations with immigration attorneys and informational sessions where our community members can get the information they need to either defend their rights moving forward or affect change through the willpower of their own teams and networks.

While we hope these resources relieve a bit of fear and uncertainty now, we understand that defending human rights is a long game — and we plan on playing a part in it in tandem with the True community.