True Insights: October


While November comes to a close, we at True are still feeing fueled by all that our portfolio companies accomplished this fall. October, in particular, was an exciting month—a wealth of True Founders impressed us by sharing their lessons learned for the betterment of the tech community (and world in general) via various thought leadership articles.

Dave Weiss of Hatch Baby explained his noble quest in making parenting easier, establishing a solid case for the smart nursery. Of all the things we are making “smart” today, perhaps there is no more commendable cause.

Zach Kaplan’s team at Inventables released a mini documentary about bringing 3D carving to schools. This program helps students prep not for what we suspect will be the careers of tomorrow, but for the careers of the future that may not even exist yet—a thought Ayah Bdeir channeled on Medium not too long ago.


NewCo’s John Battelle wrote a piece on the advice he’d give to his younger self (a great writing prompt for anyone dipping their toes in the thought leadership bucket for the first time). Battelle also shared his thoughts on the implications of self-driving cars, warning that we may not yet be ready for them. NewCo’s Brian Monahan shared how to run a business that thrives in the age of digital disruption, offering ten diagnostic questions to assess a company’s digital readiness.

Stitch Labs’ Brandon Levey shared what retailers can do to keep pace with brands like Zara and H&M that have as many as 52 product cycles per year. He also explained steps brands can take to prepare for overnight success, should a product’s popularity soar from something like a Shark Tank appearance or inclusion in a gift list.

Madefire’s Ben Wolstenholme gave a dazzling live demo at a Microsoft event, showing us how technology is changing the craft of storytelling.


Varun Singh and Lasse Lumiaho of are frequently asked how video is evolving. To answer this question, the two co-wrote a post on trends in real-time communications, a rally of their insights as leaders in WebRTC analytics.

Veniam’s João Barros wrote a piece on how connected vehicles make cities smarter, including how important it is to leverage information technology to enhance city services.

And since being a fully remote team has its challenges, Chameleon’s Pulkit Agrawal shared how his team is using Slack not only for connecting from afar, but as a Swiss Army Knife for getting things done via smart integrations.

Lastly, a word from a True Founder alum:

Sifteo’s Jeevan Kalanithi advises “Be rich or pretend to be,” a piece which challenges financial safety’s role in success.

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