Priya Haji Fellowship Application


2018-2019 Priya Haji Fellows must be college graduates of the class of 2017 or 2018 and be eligible to work in the United States without sponsorship. They must not be on a student visa or on another visa, or in the country under other circumstances that would prevent them from receiving the PHF stipend. Trans women, genderqueer, cisgender and non-binary applicants are welcome.

Students with all majors and educational interests are encouraged to apply. We will not accept applications from students who are graduating in December 2018. All participants will receive a monthly stipend of $6,500.


We will accept applications for the Priya Haji Fellowship beginning December 1, 2017. There are two rounds of consideration for admission: Round I, with an application deadline of February 1, 2018, and Round II, with an application deadline of April 1, 2018. Candidates are encouraged to submit their materials by the Round I due date if at all possible.


In order to be considered for the Priya Haji Fellowship, applicants must prepare/submit the following items:

1. A resume (one page)
2. A one-page personal statement (see below)
3. Our online application
4. A one-minute video supporting your interest in our program

All items must be submitted in order for an application to be considered.


Please email your resume and personal statement (one page each, PDF format) to PHF [at] trueventures [dot] com.

In your personal statement, please tell us why you are interested in being a Priya Haji Fellow. What is your background in technology and what specific skills could you bring to a startup? What areas of technology are you particularly interested in? How might your experiences as a Fellow fit into your longer-term career plans? If it is possible to provide examples of your work online (web applications you’ve created, projects you have contributed to, a personal blog you maintain, etc.), please include links as appropriate.